Simple Plan and Don Broco team up for 'Weekend at Broco's'
[Photo by: Simple Plan/YouTube]

Don Broco‘s Rob Damiani partied too hard at Warped Tour—way too hard—and Simple Plan are here to tell us all about with.

Ok, not really. That’s just the plot of the hilarious Weekend at Broco’s, which you can watch in full below.

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Simple Plan are sharing a trilogy of short films to celebrate the last Vans Warped Tour cross-country run. The band teamed up with some friends, including Don Broco and State Champs, to present Weekend at Broco’s.

The first episode is up and it shows the band trying to cover up the Don Broco frontman’s death after a night of intense party.

The short film is pretty amusing, but left us wondering if the bands are trying to tell us something. Like, should we start a conspiracy theory that Damiani died during the last Warped Tour and was replaced by a lookalike?

Maybe the next part will give us some answers.

Watch part one of Weekend at Broco‘s in full below:

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