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Skrillex (aka From First To Last frontman Sonny Moore) might be ordered to pay a fan more than $1 million dollars following an alleged lawsuit.

Jennifer Fraissl named the singer/DJ in a lawsuit filed in 2014, according to TMZ. Fraissl alleges in the suit that Moore’s stage dive at his show at The Belasco in Los Angeles in Feb. 2012 ultimately caused her to have a stroke.

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Fraissl states she was standing near the front of the stage when Moore called the crowd forward. This in turn made it impossible to move or protect herself from Moore’s leap, which caused him to come down on top of her, TMZ reports.

Skrillex requested a second opinion in July 2017, asking that Fraissl undergo a second independent psychiatric evaluation. At the time, Fraissl refused the second exam as she had already done so with her own doctors, TMZ reported.

Today, TMZ states a jury awarded Fraissl $4.5 million. However, the jury decided Fraissl is 15 percent responsible, so she will be collecting 85 percent of that total.

Skrillex was found responsible for 35 percent of the damages, which totals approximately $1.6 million. His touring company Lost Boys owes an additional $1.8 million, according to TMZ.

TMZ also reports Moore was disappointed by the decision, stating, “There is nothing more important to me than my fans and their safety at my shows. I want them to have fun and enjoy the music.”

Moore’s attorney Barry Thompson claims the evidence showed video proof that he never made contact with Fraissl and her international travel indicates otherwise, TMZ reports.

“Ms. Fraissl’s active international travel schedule since her stroke seems unlikely for someone who suffered the type of mental and physical damages she and her attorney claimed,” Thompson tells TMZ.

TMZ also states Thompson indicated they’ll decide whether or not to appeal the decision soon.

You can see a clip of the stage dive in question below.