[Photo credit: Jas Davis]

After getting our hopes up earlier this year for a potential From First To Last  reunion, Skrillex and singer/songwriter Poo Bear have teamed up for a new song “Would You Ever.”

However, that leaves us wondering: What is the likelihood for a FFTL reunion? Listen to his new song below!

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Poo Bear has written for the likes of Justin Bieber (you know that catchy tune Skrillex, Diplo and Bieber teamed up for, “Where Are Ü Now”? Yep, Poo Bear wrote that.) 

This is his offical debut song, performing alongside Skrillex, and you can watch the video for their track below.

Of course, those FFTL reunion speculations have been on high ever since From First To Last changed their profile picture to a photo including Sonny Moore and changed their bio to include his handle.

Back in January, Moore released his first song with his former band in over 10 years, which you can listen to here. Soon after, he performed with From First To Last at Emo Nite. 

Lastly, Moore told us at the Grammys: “I left the band, but I would say I'm not left anymore.” Watch that interview below.

What do you think about Moore’s new Skrillex track—and the hopes for a FFTL reunion? Sound off below!

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