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Listening to some of your favorite bands makes any boring job better, but imagine if not only were you getting paid to listen to your favorite bands, but to headbang and air guitar to your heart's content.

Check out some videos of our favorite sign slayer, Michael Hildreth, below!

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Hildreth explained how he became the sign slayer in a report done by CBS DFW.

In the report, he explains that after repeatedly showing up late for work, his boss sent him outside as a form of punishment. This form of punishment is now the reason Hildreth has over 4,000 fans on Facebook.

With a playlist featuring Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Cannibal Corpse, Hildreth explains that within the first month of being the official Papa Murphy's sign slayer, he “increased business profits by over 40%.”

One fan, Jody Moore, told CBS DFW that after a long day of work, sitting at the light and seeing his favorite sign slayer “gives him a smile.”

Now that Hildreth's fanbase is slowly starting to grow beyond South Arlington, he's begun livestreaming some of his performances, which you can find on his Facebook.

Check out the report below!

“I don't like the idea of being bored while you're working,” says Hildreth. We agree and that's why we're his new biggest fans!