Sleeping With Sirens have uploaded a video featuring frontman Kellin Quinn talking more about the band’s new record.

“The first three records was me trying to find my voice, and this record is me finally finding it” Quinn explains.

Watch the full mini-doc below.

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The band’s new album is a different direction for the band, as Quinn explains, and Gossip plays into all of that.

“The name Gossip came about really last minute,” Quinn explains. “Being that this record sounds so different than the ones before and us wanting to evolve and try new things, I feel like this is definitely going to be a record that people talk about, so I thought it was a clever name for an album.”

Plus, they worked with producer David Bendeth and the way he helped them find and solidify what they wanted this record to be.

“The records David does are really unique, and I don’t think other records sound like his,” Quinn says. “I wanted to see what he would do with our band.”

He talks about spending time across the country writing and recording this album, and making himself uncomfortable in an effort to expand and grow as a musician.

Watch his mini-doc in full below:

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