Sleeping With Sirens fans, it's time to get excited: The band are teasing something, and as we anxiously await new music, we have a feeling this is going to be something good.

They uploaded a short video with the caption, “Don't believe the #GOSSIP,” and we're freaking out.

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The teaser is a short, overhead video with a glimpse of the band, and the intensity is making us all the more excited.

Alt Press caught up with vocalist Kellin Quinn and guitarist Jack Fowler to talk more about the new album, describing it as both dark in both sound and lyrical content. But like all things, darkness has its natural opposite, and that’s an element that SWS never forget to include in their songwriting.

“I think [it’s about] being lost and then finding hope,” Quinn says. “It’s a dark record. It sounds dark, but there’s a hopefulness in everything. That’s always something I’ve tried to do as a vocalist. When I write about a sad topic, I always want there to be a light at the end of the tunnel.”

They explain that creating their fifth album has both lifted them up and grounded them, explaining that what fans will hear of them on this album is a more true representation of Sleeping With Sirens.

“I think we’re a completely different band as opposed to the last time you saw us,” Fowler revealed. “If you see us on this record [cycle], you’re gonna have the best night of your life and the best show [from] our band. It’s gonna make you dance, it’s gonna make you cry.”

And fans are seriously excited to see what this teaser might be.

The band will also be performing at this year's APMAs, and you won't want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Get your tickets now!

What do you think “GOSSIP” might be? Let us know in the comments below!

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