Indie rockers Sleigh Bells are suing Demi Lovato over her 2015 track “Stars.” In a complaint filed yesterday in California Federal Court, Sleigh Bells members Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller claim that Lovato’s “Stars” contains “material taken from the original Sleigh Bells song ‘Infinity Guitars,’” which was released in 2010.

“Demi Lovato, and the label and team she worked with to create ‘Stars,’ did not obtain authorization from Sleigh Bells to use any part or portion of ‘Infinity Guitars,” the court document explains. “Indeed, they failed to even notify Sleigh Bells that they intended to exploit Sleigh Bells material to create a Demi Lovato song.”

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The lawsuit names Lovato, UMG Recordings, Inc. and producers Carl Falk and Rami Yacoub as defendants.

The court document continues by saying, “The similarities between ‘Infinity Guitars’ and ‘Stars’ transcend the realm of coincidence or shared generic material, and inform the very essence of the works.”

You can check out Sleigh Bells’ full court document here, and the streams of both “Infinity Guitars” and “Stars” below. Do you think their similarities warrant a lawsuit?