[Photo by: IGN/YouTube]

In 2009, Eric Knudsen, under the username Victor Surge, created the internet's bogeyman on Something Awful's forums. Slenderman (A.K.A. Slender Man) went viral—haunting the 21st century's children in fictional stories posted most prominently on the Creepy Pasta website.

Now, Slender Man is getting a movie—and the trailer is sure to make you scream.

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Depicted as a tall, thin, faceless man in a black suit with white skin, Slender Man traumatizes almost always children, stalking them in the back of edited vintage photographs. As Consequence Of Sound explains, the film follows four high school girls “as they perform a ritual in an attempt to debunk the myth of Slender Man.”

But when one girl goes missing, it “becomes clear she's actually been taken by HIM.”

It's horrifying—but we're so excited to see the movie in-full. Watch the spine-chilling trailer below:

HBO released the documentary Beware The Slenderman, based off Slenderman and the event in 2014 where two 12-year-old girls made headlines for taking their obsession with Slenderman to the extreme—stabbing their friend in the woods almost to death as a sacrifice to the fictional character. If you haven't seen the doc, you can watch the trailer here.

Slender Man is due out May 18, 2018.

Will you be catching the new Slender Man movie when it's released? Let us know in the comments below!