Slipknot press photo, Corey Taylor

Slipknot are not afraid to get a little dirty when it comes to their live shows. However, if you had to do their laundry afterward, you would probably make a disgusted face or two. At least, according to celebrity laundry man Hans-Jürgen Topf, you would.

In a story with the New York Times, Topf admitted that the grossest band he ever worked for was Slipknot. In addition to the typical aroma of sweat, Slipknot also managed to bring other strange fluids (and smells) into the mix.

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According to the Times, Toph said that when he worked with Slipknot, their coveralls were “sprayed with beer, cream and fake blood, and left in garbage bags for three days.”

In addition to working with Slipknot, Toph has also done laundry fro Beyonce, U2, David Hasselhoff, Madonna and Elton John.

Toph says that the most common stains that he must remove are caused by dust. When artists roll around on stage, aluminum dust from truck ramps gets caught in the fibers.

Toph started his own business, Rock ‘n’ Roll Laundry back in 1982. After noticing Ted Nugent’s tour bus broke down, the laundry man offered to clean his clothes.

Ever since, Toph has been the go-to guy for touring artists when it comes to having fresh, clean clothes. While you may be wondering why these bands don’t just go to a laundromat, Toph offers exceptional service under stressful, busy conditions. Oftentimes, Toph actually has to work outside, especially during festivals. Additionally, he must be able to find running water wherever it is available.

What do you think of Slipknot’s personal hygiene while on tour? Sound off in the comments below.

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