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Slipknot are celebrating the 5-year anniversary of .5: The Gray Chapter this month, taking to social media to do a little throwback in honor of the album’s anniversary.

Find out what the album cover almost looked like below!

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Yesterday marked 5 years since the band’s fifth studio album was released in North America.

To celebrate, Clown took to the Slipknot Instagram to reveal the album’s alternate cover alongside the one the band ended up using in the end.

“Today marks the 5th Anniversary of ‘.5: The Gray Chapter.’ This cover was a strong contender for the final album artwork, and represents where my head was at during the making of this album. -clown”

While the alternate cover doesn’t differ too much from the original, it is interesting to see what could have been.

Check out the unused cover art below!

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Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor got a rare opportunity today. One, many of us do not have the chance to experience. He got to meet his clone.

Well, not exactly a clone but definitely a doppelgänger and Taylor’s reaction is really cool.

The Slipknot frontman attended a meet and greet and spotted the super fan. The man was a spitting image of Taylor from the .5: The Gray Chapter album cycle. Complete, with the jumpsuit, mask and everything else, this person clearly prepared.

Taylor had the fan sign his stomach after laughing profusely pretending to meet his idol. Then, he asked if they (Slipknot) planned on playing the rarely-seen-live “Snap” that night.

Watch the video below. While this may not be a huge moment, it shows a comedic and human side to the masked terror.

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