This Slipknot fan is really feeling the post-dentist joy in a recent viral video. Check it out below! As is the case in numerous online vids of freshly recovering dental surgery patients, the unfiltered, anesthesia-induced absurdity presented here is sure to bring a smile to your face. In the clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos, titled “Sedated And Elated,” the Slipknot-shirted gentlemen is seen receiving mundane information from his father after having dental work. (via Noisey)

This dude can’t contain his awestruck joy as he is informed of run-of-the-mill, everyday details such as the fact that he owns a chair. (He’s further wowed upon realizing that he has a mom, two sisters and a dog.) “I have a chair at home? I have a chair for myself?” he enthusiastically questions at the top of the video. “No way!”

He concludes, “Oh my God, my life is perfect!” This guy gets it.