It looks like Slipknot won't be playing at Knotfest 2017. 

Knotfest was founded by Slipknot back in 2012, and the band have played the festival every year since then.

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This year's iteration of Knotfest has two dates: one in Toluca, Mexico on October 28, and a U.S. date paired with Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest, the exact date of which is expected to be announced on July 10.

Frontman Corey Taylor said this to Billboard regarding Slipknot's absence at this year's Knotfest: 

“I think in a lot of ways your festival has to live past you, or it's not gonna live at all,” Taylor explains. “If it has to live and breathe on your presence, then it's not a festival, and it's not for anybody else but you. And for us, it's always been more about the art and the music and everybody… That's why we put so much work into it to begin with, is to really make sure that it was stable and it was strong and the foundation was there.”

In lieu of Slipknot, Taylor will be performing with Stone Sour at Knotfest. 

What do you think? Do you agree with Taylor, or do you think Slipknot should play Knotfest? Let us know in the comments!