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Earlier this month, Smash Mouth performed at South Dakota’s Sturgis Rally. An estimated 460,000 vehicles came out for the 10-day event where social distancing and mask-wearing were not enforced.

More than 100 coronavirus cases have been traced back to the Sturgis Rally. Now, Smash Mouth are receiving hate mail for their involvement in the event.

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Prior to the start of Sturgis Rally, the local city council voted in support of the rally as long as various PPE guidelines were in place. As well, organizers encouraged its attendees to follow CDC guidelines. They promised that hand sanitizer would be widely available. Guests were also required to have a mask with them before entering the amphitheater. However, the event’s guidelines revealed that social distancing and masks would not be enforced for attendees.

Alongside Smash Mouth, various other acts performed at the rally including TraptBuckcherryDrowning Pool and the Guess Who. Both Smash Mouth and Trapt performed on Aug. 9. Photos and videos from the performances quickly emerged online. To no surprise, the vast majority of the crowd did not wear protective face coverings and did not social distance.

During Smash Mouth’s performance, frontman Steve Harwell seemed amazed by the size of the crowd, saying, “We’re all here together tonight! Fuck that COVID shit!”

Now, it looks like fans of Smash Mouth aren’t happy with their involvement. Earlier this week, the band shared some mail they recently received.

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Along with a strongly-worded letter from an outraged fan, they also received a smashed Smash Mouth CD. Although the majority of the letter can’t be seen, words including “selfish” and “fuckers” are clearly visible.

“Recent fan mail,” the band caption the photo.

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The South Dakota Department of Health says they’ve found 40 coronavirus cases linked to Sturgis Rally in the state. Meanwhile, the North Dakota Department of Health reports 17 coronavirus cases. As well, according to the Associated Press, at least 103 linked cases have spread to Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

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