Looks like Smash Mouth just got themselves embroiled in an unexpected controversy with twenty one pilots fans. But honestly, does anything surprise us anymore? 

Here's what's going down: It all started when a fan asked if Smash Mouth liked twenty one pilots, and Smash Mouth responded in the affirmative, along with “And Tyler isn't done!” Whoever is running Smash Mouth's Twitter is insistent on the fact that twenty one pilots vocalist Tyler Joseph is the musical mastermind of the band, while drummer Josh Dun is just that—a drummer.

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And while this isn't necessarily untrue—a quick Google will tell you that Joseph is the sole composer behind the band's biggest hits—both Smash Mouth and the fans have taken up arms to prove their points. (Seriously—so many tweets.) Some examples:


Although, honestly, both parties seem like they're fighting pretty noble battles. Fans just want Smash Mouth to give Dun the recognition he deserves, and although the band are dead set on Joseph being the genius behind twenty one pilots, they still seem to like Dun enough:


…The world is a strange place. Thoughts on maybe the weirdest beef of all time? Let us know in the comments!

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