No, you have not traveled back in time to 1997, Smash Mouth and Third Eye Blind are still touring. Both bands recently performed sets at BottleRock—a festival in Napa, California, that was headlined by Outkast and the Cure.

According to the Washington Post, SPIN and various people on Twitter, Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell called out Third Eye Blind onstage at the festival. “Third Eye Blind can suck my dick,” he said at some point, according to Twitter chatter.

It’s not exactly clear why the two groups have beef. But some tension may come from Harwell's side project Radio Angel, which includes former 3EB guitarist Kevin Cadogan, who was fired from the band and later sued them.

There’s also this video from 2010, where Harwell says of 3EB frontman Stephan Jenkins, “The guy's a douchebag. He's not a good person. That's all I'll say about that.”

The Washington Post reached out to Smash Mouth about the beef and found this out from a band representative, Robert Hayes:

“Steve pretty much has a long history of poking fun at Stephan Jenkins,” Hayes said. “There’s no true bad blood there. They’ve toured and done shows together for quite a while.”

“You know, he pokes at [Jenkins], and now that he’s got his former guitar player in a side project, he wanted to poke a little harder,” Hayes added.

“Steve always talks [expletive] about Stephan Jenkins. They’re both Bay Area guys,” Hayes said; Smash Mouth is from San Jose, while Third Eye Blind hails from San Francisco. “So it’s easy to poke at him.”

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