People are not happy with Snapchat's update, and it's clear it won't be reversing back to the app we knew and loved anytime soon. However, they are introducing a new feature we can support: GIF stickers.

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Snapchat is introducing GIF stickers, which is taking a page from Instagram's GIF introduction. As Bustle reports, the feature is made possible by a Snapchat and GIPHY collab, which is pretty epic.

The news site explains that once you take your photo, you can simply “tap into Search (in the Sticker Picker) to see a list of stickers under the GIPHY header, animated stickers created by Team Snapchat or search for something specific.”

Snapchat GIFs
[Photo by: Snapchat/Engadget]

It's true—the GIFs are cool. But what we still want is a reversal back to the way the app looked before the update. However, it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Last week, Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel said they were “excited about what we are seeing so far” with the redesign and first reactions from users.


The CEO said that although people are asking (and begging) the app to reverse to its old ways, he explains that “their philosophy” is being supported. And although their “philosophy” might be enforced, that won't change people's anger toward the update. It's about “user experience,” right?

While there's technically a way to get rid of that terrible Snapchat update, the app itself has no plans for a permanent reversal.

We'll just appreciate the GIFs because they are pretty cool.