Snapchat fans have plenty more to look forward to in its latest update. That's right: There's now a Snap Store, and you can pick up some merch inspired by the app. (Dancing hot dog and all!)

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Snapchat's new store launched today, and it allows people to purchase merch directly from the app itself—and it's seriously easy.

To access the Snap Store, you have to “unlock” it using the code on the app's site. (Which you can access here!) All you have to do is open the app, hold your camera at the code and press and hold the screen for the shop to magically appear.

Plus, they explain that more products are set to drop Feb. 8.

Check out what's available so far below!

Snapchat Streak hat

Snapchat Dog Filter tee

Snapchat Best Friends sweatshirt

Snapchat Hot Dog stuffed animal

Snapchat Logo crew neck

This merch is kind of amazing. We'd definitely rock that Snapchat Streak hat in our Snap Story.