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A recent poll revealed that Americans think Saturday Night Live, or SNL, has been too political as of recent seasons.

The poll, conducted by the Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult, showed that around 39 percent of people either had either strong or somewhat strong beliefs that SNL was getting too political.

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However, even despite saying that they think SNL is getting too political these days, the majority (37 percent) also say that the show is incorporating just the right amount of politics into their sketches. That said, only 31 percent say the show was incorporating politics too much.

The answers in regard to both questions seem pretty contradictory to us, but the numbers don’t lie.

All things aside, the people who took the poll recorded that they think SNL, and late night shows in general, has more of a liberal leaning than anything else. Additionally, 44 percent of people say that the show is definitely making political statements in their sketches.

If you’re curious and want to see the numbers for yourself, you can check out the 38-page document here.

Additionally, as pointed out by Consequence Of Sound, our current president, Donald Trump recently condemned SNL and accused them of being in cahoots with Russia earlier this week. 

Do you think SNL has gotten to be too political since the 2016 election? Sound off in the comments below.

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