So there’s a Netflix for vinyl records now

January 8, 2015
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As CD sales and digital downloads continue to decline, vinyl remains one of the bright spots in the music industry—up 52 percent in 2014, according to Nielsen. Vinyl sales are likely to keep growing in 2015 (some of the pressing plants literally can’t keep up), so it only make sense that new services will spring up around this once-again-popular musical experience.

Enter VNYL, which is basically Netflix for vinyl records. According to Gizmodo, “The service is pretty straightforward, although rather than picking particular albums you want to rent, a la Netflix, you select from VNYL's categories—which are called #vibes. This is where it goes slightly adrift, but we'll focus on the service because it's a cool idea.”

When using the service, listeners pick a #vibe—like #danceparty or “#rainyday—and soon after, VNYL sends a pack of LPs to play.

Mic reports, “Once someone's done with the record, they ship it back and get the next installment of music delivered. If you really like what you get, you can keep the record for as little as $12. Part of the service also allows subscribers to comment on the records they receive, adding a social component to an otherwise secluded listening experience.”

Vinyl Me, Please is another similar service, which costs $23-$27 a month.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Written by Matt Crane