The good people at MetalSucks recently ran a story about Shrapnel, a local metal band from Illinois who are fed up with showgoers—so much so, that they took to Facebook to rant about it.

In their post, the band say they’ve driven over two hours to get to a venue, only to have “shitty” crowds leave before their set.

Read the band’s rant below:

It’s an interesting problem for a local band to have: people leaving before their set. Normally people are there to see the headliner, so they stay and wait. This writer has certainly been guilty of skipping the local opening bands and coming in for the headliner. Perhaps that sort of thing has been frustrating Shrapnel?

The band then went on another rant against a girl, who commented on their first rant saying, “Then make better music.”

As immature as this may seem, it does bring up some good discussion. Do you think it’s important to watch the local bands? Do you always watch the opening acts? Let us know your thoughts.

Here’s what Shrapnel sound like:

Photo by Tell Draper