Sorority Noise and Twenty One Pilots are two bands that are in very different points in their careers. Sorority Noise are slowly creeping their way into the indie and punk rock discussions with their dark and emotional sound, while Twenty One Pilots are playing a genre-bending, pop-friendly style of music that’s earned them arena shows and millions of fans around the world.

But what’s awesome about music is the ability to be influenced, and the creativity that’s involved in reconstructing a song that’s had an effect on your life.

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That was the case for Sorority Noise frontman Cameron Boucher, who took Twenty One Pilots’ single “Tear In My Heart” and made it as expressive and raw as the subject of the lyrics. The demeanor he brings over his acoustic guitar gives you a sense of the somber tone that can frequently be heard in Sorority Noise songs.

Although the original composition of the Twenty One Pilots song is much more vibrant, the two artist’s take on the same lyricism provides a welcome exchange.

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In talking about the cover to Clrvynt, Boucher said he first heard the tune from his little brother.

“When I was home for winter break last year, my little brother Connor showed me this song. It’s truly a hit, like, objectively great. [It’s] catchy, the pacing is really great, and the way the choruses develop are akin to the way the Killers have done it. I’m particularly taken to this song, specifically because the dynamics allow for it to take its full stride, so I thought it would be interesting to try and take it in the opposite direction and see how it worked,” he told them.

He even tweeted about the moment he first heard the song! 

Check out Cameron Boucher’s cover of Twenty One Pilot’s “Tear In My Heart” below, and tell us what you think about his interpretation!