South Park's going for those Simpsons records. Comedy Central's flagship animated series concluded its 18th season in December of last year, with its 19th said to air this September.

However, today it was announced that the blatantly raunchy and often offensive cartoon has been renewed by Comedy Central for three more seasons, giving it the go-ahead to run until at least 2019 with an impressive series total of 304 episodes. If showrunners Trey Parker and Matt Stone can keep up momentum, though, it's very likely that their brainchild will survive even beyond that and continue parodying all the current trends and topics well into its third decade on the air. Hopefully that will also result in more great video games following last year's The Stick Of Truth and the upcoming, cleverly-titled The Fractured But Whole.

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In regards to the news, Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless has stated, “South Park remains the bedrock of Comedy Central and we are thrilled that new episodes will continue to entertain audiences for years to come. The series remains as urgent and relevant now as the day it premiered and at nearly 20 seasons in, it continues to draw generations of new fans.”

So what are your thoughts on South Park continuing on with this three-year renewal?