Here’s why Spotify users were having trouble streaming music

The streaming service experienced some issues on Wednesday morning.

August 19, 2020
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Spotify experienced some widespread streaming problems on Wednesday morning. The problems began at around 8 A.M. ET and left many users unable to stream music for over an hour.

Now, one engineer has seemingly discovered the likely cause of the latest streaming issues.

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Many Spotify users’ morning music routines and commutes were interrupted by recent problems on the streaming platform. For more than an hour, music listeners were unable to properly stream songs. Songs only played for a few seconds before they paused and Spotify displayed a “can’t play the current song” error.

Shortly after the problems began, the company quickly tweeted and assured customers that it was working to fix the issues.

Although Spotify has not shared how the problems started, an engineer seems to have figured out what caused the streaming issues on Wednesday. According to the Cloudflare engineer, the streaming platform forgot to renew its TLS certificate. The expiration of this important certificate is likely what caused the streaming issues.

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Now, it appears that Spotify has renewed the certificate and everything on the streaming platform is working as normal. For those still experiencing issues, you can reach out to Spotify Cares on Twitter.

Spotify also faced numerous streaming problems last month after a Facebook SDK issue caused various apps to be totally down for hours.

Did you have problems streaming music on Wednesday morning? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Rachael Dowd