Spotify on Apple iPad
[Photo by: Heidi Sandstrom/Unsplash]

You know when you’re listening to a Spotify playlist and an artist you really don’t like comes on?

The streaming service is now giving you the option to mute them, so they’re never going to be suggested to you again.

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Spotify is working on a feature that will let listeners block or mute artists they don’t like, reports The Verge. The option is already available in the latest iOS app, but will soon be updated for more users.

The feature is called “don’t play this artist,” and it gives users an option to block an entire artist from playing. That way, songs from them will not show up on your library, or even playlists, chart lists and radio stations on Spotify. However, songs that artist is feature on will still appear.

As The Verge notes, Spotify might have decided to work on the feature following the backlash over R. Kelly’s songs being cut from playlists, but the artist still being available on the platform.

On May 10, 2018 Spotify announced it would remove material by Kelly from its playlists after the singer’s long history of sexual misconduct allegations has again come to the fore, spurred by Time’s Up’s #MuteRKelly campaign and related boycott of the musician.

However, reports from only a week after that showed his streaming numbers went up. Nielsen Music reports his numbers hit 6,676,000 streamings, increasing a bit from the typical 6,584,000 weekly streams his music typically receives. The numbers are based on streams from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and other music platforms.

Other news from Spotify

Spotify is reportedly releasing a car music player later this year.  The goal of the Bluetooth device seems to be to make it easier to pick music without taking your eyes off the road.

The streaming app just came up with playlists based on your astrological sign. Launched Jan. 17, the 12 zodiac-specific Spotify playlists are curated by a real astrologer and they are informed by actual astrological readings. Check out what yours looks like here.

Plus, it just launched a new Car View mode that will simplify the app’s screen when connected to Bluetooth. The feature is only available for Android users at this time. Spotify says that it should be available globally very soon.

The streaming service also recently teamed up with Tinder to test out a new feature that lets users share clips of songs with one another.

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