Spotify on a smartphone
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We’ve all been there. First, you’re bopping My Chemical Romance’s biggest bangers in the car and then, out of nowhere, “Cancer” comes on. You decide that you’re just not in the mood to cry right now, so you go to pick up your phone to change the song and you’re instantly filled with panic.

Well guess what fellow licensed music-lovers, Spotify is about to make things a heck of a lot less panic-inducing. The streaming service has launched a new Car View mode that will simplify the app’s screen when connected to Bluetooth.

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However, there is a small catch. The feature is only available for Android users at this time. Spotify says that it should be available globally very soon.

As stated before, the feature will automatically be enabled when your phone is connected to a vehicle via Bluetooth. According to 9to5Google, the app will get rid of the distracting album art, supersize a song’s text and make the control buttons larger.

However, this also means that many of Spotify’s other features will not be available. When this feature is turned on, you will only be able to skip songs, shuffle playlists, pause/play and favorite tracks. Check out what the screen looks like below.

Of course, if you so prefer, you can turn off Car View at any time. Just go into Spotify’s settings and flip the switch off.

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Recently, the streaming service teamed up with Tinder to testing out a new feature that lets users share clips of songs with one another.

“Users who update their ‘Anthem’ are most likely to start a conversation via Feed,” a spokesperson for Tinder says. “With this in mind, we’re testing the ability to share music with a match while chatting on Tinder.”

What do you think about Spotify’s latest improvement? Sound off in the comments below.

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