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Spotify “Wrapped” is here. Not just for regular users of the music-streaming platform but “Wrapped” for Artists released today as well.

Now fans and artists can get a pretty cool, comprehensive list of all the listening stats from this year, and the decade as a whole.

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Yesterday, Spotify released its official Wrapped list of this year’s top artists and albums, including the decade’s most-streamed artist and album with Billie Eilish and Post Malone both landing on the rankings. They also stated that the personal “Wrapped” lists would be coming soon. Well, they are here.

Spotify “Wrapped” shows users their top songs, hours listened, top artists, country of origin of the artists they listened to and much much more.

With it being the end of the decade, Spotify also tirelessly compiled your listening habits throughout and shows you your statistics for the entire time as well. It’s a really neat feature. Especially if you’re emotional and nostalgic and would love to be reminded of every decision you’ve ever made and see what you were listening to when you made it.

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Spotify also launched “Wrapped” for Artists. This feature includes plenty of neat stats as well. Things like hours streamed and at which hours, fan base by country, number of fans that had the artists as #1 and much more. An example of the welcome screen is below.


One interesting statistic is how many hours of a particular artist’s music fans streamed between 1 am-6 am. Ironically, the artist with the most hours in this category was Billie Eilish and he album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? It’s pretty funny because no one was falling asleep or we were all falling asleep to Billie Eilish because it’s relaxing.

Billie Eilish

Spotify “Wrapped” gives all sorts of fun infographics and, like years past, compiles a playlist of your top artists and songs. An additional decade playlist is also available this year.

For fans, Spotify “Wrapped” is available here. It’s really easy. Just plug in your login information and you’re off. Even if you forget your login info as we did, you can use Facebook.

“Wrapped” for Artists is available here and it is the same general process if you already have an artist’s account. If not, there is most likely all the data waiting for you, you just have to create an account.

Our top listens were pretty on-brand for us. Tell us your top artists in the comments below!

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