Sure, no one likes ads when it comes to jamming their favorite tunes. And while some people will just pay the $9.99 a month to use Spotify Premium, some people—like, 2 million people—took another route.

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As Mashable reports, Spotify revealed that a number of its users were “suppressing advertisements without payment.” And you might be wondering: How, exactly? Well, they were able to, thanks to old-fashioned ad blockers.

“[We] have detected instances of third parties seeking to provide mobile device users a means to suppress advertisements without payment and gain access to features only available to the Ad-Supported Service on tablets,” Spotify shared, the tech source reports.

This is a problem for Spotify, though, because not only are they losing paying subscribers, but it also led the company to overstate its monthly active count. (They had to revise their yearly numbers, bumping them from 159 million to 157 million listeners at the end of last year.)

Spotify confirmed earlier this month that it'll be going public April 3, and company executives are also reportedly providing a full-year financial guidance on March 26.

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