Spotify, and its 40 million paid subscribers, is changing the face of music streaming while dating app Tinder is changing love in the twenty-first century.

No wonder why the two companies just teamed up to make your virtual dating experience a musical one.

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Powered by Spotify, Tinder users can now pin a favorite song to their profiles (what Tinder dubs an “anthem”). Users that link their Spotify account can also display their top tracks and find those with a similar music taste.

“Tinder already suggests matches based on your swiping preferences, mutual friends and common interests, but we know we can always add more to the equation,” Tinder says. “That’s why we’ve matched with Spotify to fully integrate music into the swiping experience.”

Don't have a Spotify account? No worries—those with or without an account can still hear the pinned songs when swiping for love.

See the new features in action below.