[Photo by: Spotify]

It looks like some extreme metal genres were on the come-up during 2017 on Spotify! Power metal and black metal lead the list of Emerging Genres published by the streaming service based on data collected during the year.

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With 2017 winding down, Spotify released a slew of information about users' listening habits over the past 12 months. Some of it is unsurprising, like the fact that Ed Sheeran was the most-streamed artist. But buried way down at the bottom of the stats (right after you find out that June 13 was Spotify's “most musical day”) is a shocker for metal fans: melodic power metal and chaotic black metal topped the list of Emerging Genres in 2017.

Of course, listed right after those two (oddly specific) metal genres is “Chillhop,” so it's clear that the wide reach of Spotify brings in an amazingly disparate collection of genres and listeners. What was your most-listened-to genre in 2017? Did you check out your Spotify Your 2017 Wrapped list, where you can see what artists and songs you heard the most in 2017?

Check out Spotify's Emerging 2017 Genres list below, and let us know in the comments if you rocked out to some melodic power metal or chaotic black metal this year. Or, hey, you know, maybe you listened to gamecore!

Spotify's Emerging 2017 Genres:
1. Melodic Power Metal
2. Chaotic Black Metal
3. Chillhop
4. Trap Latino
5. Future Funk
6. Jumpstyle
7. Serialism
8. Cinematic Dubstep
9. Vintage Swoon
10. Gamecore

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