Spotify's just announced an update that will make mobile users really happy.

The streaming service is giving more control over what users of their free tier listen.

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“At Spotify, we believe in music for everyone—and today, we are one step closer to making that a reality as we unveil a new, improved, and more personalized way to discover music and listen to what you love on Spotify, for free,” the company announced on a press release.

Spotify free users on iOS and Android will now be able to have a more customized listening experience, which includes access to a greater number of playlists and the possibility to pick and skip songs. 

The streaming service will offer 15 on-demand playlists from which users can pick and play any tracks without having to depend on shuffle.

These playlists include options based on each user's musical taste and Spotify-curated playlists, such as Discovery Weekly and Daily Mix. Users will also be able to like and hide songs as they listen.

Another major change is the volume of data used to stream songs on Spotify. The service is creating “Data Saver,” an option that can be turned on for the app to use less data while users are listening to music.

According to the press release, the changes will be happening globally in coming weeks.

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