Spotify and Hulu are teaming up to offer a joint subscription plan.

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Spotify and Hulu are unveiling a subscription bundle which combines Spotify Premium with Hulu's on-demand service for $12.99/month, Variety reports.

The offer also gives Spotify users a chance to try Hulu for 99 cents for three months.

The plan is only available for U.S. subscribers so far, but Variety notes the streaming services plan to open it to more users in the summer.

This is the second time Spotify and Hulu team up. Last September, the companies offered the joint subscription for students for $4.99/month and said they were planning to work in additional bundles aimed at other customers.

Earlier today, reports came out that Spotify is developing a new version of its free music service, which would be the first massive product change since the company went public last week. Spotify's current free service on mobile devices leaves users heavily restricted in the way they can listen and the update will give them, easier access and control to playlists. The changes could become available as early as April 24, when the company is reportedly due to drop an announcement.

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