UPDATE: Wednesday, October 21 at 6:03 p.m.

We have received an official comment from Victory founder Tony Brummel. “We are working with Spotify to bring the matter to closure,” he says. “I am confident that Spotify, songwriters and other record labels and music publishers will all benefit from this. The digital age of music brings with it many complicated issues. The goal is to get the music to the people in every way that we can that makes sense.”

ORIGINAL POST: Wednesday, October 21 at 11:23 a.m.

In light of an ongoing legal dispute with Victory Records, Spotify has pulled thousands of the label’s songs from their service.

According to a press release from Victory, 53,000,000 streams were identified with no publishing royalties being paid by Spotify. These were originally noted by Audiam, a digital distribution company that monitors services to make certain that publishers are receiving their due payments. In Victory’s case, their publishing company, Another Victory, has allegedly not been receiving proper monetary compensation.   

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Bands who have had material removed from Spotify include A Day To Remember, Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights and many others.

According to Billboard, the unaccounted 53,000,000 streams total nearly $23,000 in unpaid revenue. 

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“We are not looking to go to war with anyone,” said Victory founder Tony Brummel. “We want to be fairly; not like indentured servants.”

Alternative Press has reached out to representatives from Spotify and Victory Records. We will provide you with an update when we receive their responses.