[Photos by: Spotify, Pexels]

Spotify rolled out its Time Capsule playlists yesterday, and the throwback music selections the app's algorithms are cookin' up for listeners are reportedly spooky accurate. Will Time Capsule dig up your favorite jams as a teen?

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Many Twitter users are currently flipping out over Time Capsule's insanely exact choices for their personal nostalgia playlists. Have you tried it out yet?

You know you're a true emo kid when Reggie comes up first!

Spotify users are getting major flashbacks with Time Capsule.

Honestl, that playlist looks dead on.

Time Capsule may convince you that the computers will take over…

Of course, Time Capsule may be so accurate you gotta steel yourself.

Then again, you may be an indie outlier who's just too cool for Time Capsule!

Have you tried Spotify's new Time Capsule playlist on the app yet? If so, were the musical choices true to your tastes as a teen, or not? Sound off in the comments below and let us know if Time Capsule got it right for you!

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