[Image Source: VentureBeat]

Your morning usually starts by seeing what you missed on Twitter while you were asleep, or maybe listening to Spotify in the shower, or maybe you decided to not get out of bed and just watch Netflix all day, but this morning you might have discovered that all of those sites were having issues.

Dyn, a domain hosting service that hosts sites such as Twitter, was the victim of a DDOS attack at around 7:00 a.m. EST, according to The New York Times. A DDOS attack is essentially where multiple computers are hitting up the server, in this case Dyn's, causing them to use up all of Dyn's bandwidth, which results in sites either going down like some did, or becoming very slow like Netflix did this morning.

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Check out a list of the sites affected this morning (Oct. 21) below, compiled by The Daily Dot:

The attack lasted about two and a half hours before sites were able to run stable again. We can all procrastinate in peace now.

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