Spotify is reportedly looking to update its free tier to “make it easier to use” for mobile users.

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As Bloomberg reports from people familiar with the matter, Spotify is reportedly developing a new version of its free music service, which would be the first massive product change since the company went public last week.

The source explain that the streaming service is “tweaking” its free service to make it easier to use, and an announcement is reportedly going to be made within the next couple weeks.

As Billboard explains, Spotify's current free service on mobile devices leaves users heavily restricted in the way they can listen, in addition to the ads.

Bloomberg says mobile listeners would be able to “access playlists more quickly and have more control over what songs they hear on top playlists.”

Plus, Billboard also explains that last week, Spotify announced that it would be announcing something on April 24. Could this be part of that announcement? We'll just have to wait and see.