Stan Lee
[Photo by: Edward Liu/Wikimedia Commons]

Stan Lee had an idea for a movie about one specific superhero, but it was rejected—and the reason why will likely make you laugh out loud.

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The entertainment world stood in shocked reverence when Marvel Comics maven Stan Lee died earlier this week at the age of 95.

Since then, many are remembering the Marvel Comics legend and his undeniable influence. One of them is director Sam Raimi, who worked with Lee in Spider-Man.

Raimi remembered Lee in a letter published in The Hollywood Reporter. The director wrote about working alongside the writer in the Spider-Man movies.

He also revealed that he and Lee worked on a movie script in the early 90s. The iconic writer wanted to work together, and the two started writing a film about Thor.

“After I did Darkman, Stan Lee called me and was like, ‘Hey, kid, I liked your movie.’ He took me out to lunch and said we should work together,” Raimi writes. “I said I’d like to make a movie about Thor.”

We worked together writing treatments and took it to Fox and pitched it,” he continues.

The production’s company answer? No, because “comic books don’t make good movies.”

We had to stop ourselves from laughing for too long, as well. As Raimi explains, this was in 1991. A lot changed after, of course.

Stan Lee’s last superhero

Lee’s daughter says she created one last character with the comic book pioneer before his death. J.C. Lee honors the icon’s spirit with word of a final superhero she developed with her dad prior to his passing.

The character’s name is Dirt Man.

“I’d been trying to get him to do a character with me my entire life,” she says of the hero’s origins. “He did listen to me, and we had been working on a character called Dirt Man.”

And while Stan Lee’s cameos for two upcoming Marvel films are already in the can, we certainly miss the popular writer, editor and publisher who influenced more than just comic books. Maybe we’ll see a Dirt Man comic sometime soon.

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