Stand Atlantic

Aussie pop-punk act Stand Atlantic have been touring with Miki Rich as their bassist for some time now, but they’ve officially added them to their lineup.

Rich has done countless shows with the band and even been present during interviews so it’s unsurprising to hardcore Stand Atlantic fans but fantastic to hear!

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The band made the announcement on Twitter, saying “ok fine miki can join!!!!!! shut up!!!!!!! love u xx”

The pop-punkers also changed their social media profile pictures to reflect the change.

We’re stoked Rich has officially joined the band and hope they stick around for a while!

More on Stand Atlantic

The band also just released a collab version of their track “Skinny Dipping” featuring fellow Australian songwriter Alex Lahey.

Proceeds from the track will benefit the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit with a mission to uplift, empower and connect members of the LGBTQ community all around the globe.

Vocalist Bonnie Fraser reveals the meaning behind the track.

“Skinny Dipping is about the push and pull of accepting yourself for who you are vs. how you want others to see you and catering to what you think they expect or want. In this case, I was dealing with my sexuality. Having Lahey on this track was exciting for us – I feel like we are from different music worlds and breaking those boundaries and expectations is important, and essentially what this track encompasses as a whole!”

Check out the track in the player below or purchase it on iTunes, here.

What do you think of Stand Atlantic finally adding Miki Rich as an official member of the band? Let us know in the comments below.

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