Star Wars has been in the mainstream since its initial release in 1977. It’s had plenty of merchandise that is highly collectible and these new pieces just might be the most valuable of them all eventually.

Now backed by Disney money, Star Wars has come for everyone’s favorite fashion doll–Barbie. That’s right, toymaker Mattel and Disney are force-pushing out a line of Star Wars-themed Barbie dolls and they are certainly something.

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The new line will feature three prominent Star Wars characters from the series–Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and our favorite droid R2-D2.

In lieu of being exact replicas of the figures with the Barbie logo stamped onto them, the dolls have quite an imaginative flair about them. They’re a fun rendition of an imaginary artist’s cosplay idea if I’ve ever seen one, and they look lovely.

In addition to a trendy purse, each doll carries quite a hefty price tag at $100 each. The dolls don’t release until Nov. 18 but you can preorder them here.  Check them out below and see what twitter has to say.

Barbie Darth Vader
[Photo via Barbie/Mattel]
Barbie Princess Leia
[Photo via Barbie/Mattel]
Barbie R2-D2
[Photo via Barbie/Mattel]

More Disney News

Disney just keeps upping the ante. Starting in September, Disney California Adventure Park will be hosting The Oogie Boogie Bash, The Nightmare Before Christmas themed party, complete with exclusive events, costumed villains, and yes…booze.

“Don your favorite costume* to an all-new family-friendly Disney Halloween party where Oogie Boogie, from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, has summoned the Disney Villains to Disney California Adventure Park for an unforgettable night of fun and fright.” The event description states.

The Oogie Boogie Bash will also feature brand new performances and themed areas for us to explore. “See Villainous! a new World of Color show (exclusive to this event), experience the wickedly transformed Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, walk along immersive treat trails featuring Disney Villains and join a pulsing dance party with the greatest dance crew from the Isle of the Lost—based on Disney’s Descendants movies.”

Tell us what you think about the Star Wars Barbie Dolls and buy your tickets to the greatest Halloween bash of the season!

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