[Photo by: Lucasfilm]

Can you mix Star Wars and religion? For one German church, the answer is obvious: of course you can.

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Berlin's Zion Church created a Star Wars-themed Christmas service and it was really popular. According to The Independent, around 500 people showed up, which is twice as many as the usual attendance.

There's more: Many of the attendees arrived in Darth Vader maks, costumes or carrying light sabers.

The service, named The Force and of God, was created by vicars Ulrike Garve and Lucas Ludewig, who noticed some parallels between the lessons of the church and the trilogy's plot and wanted to share these analogies with the churchgoers.

Besides the Star Wars-themed prayers, the trilogy's score and songs from the Return of the Jedi were played during the service, scenes from the movies were screened and there was even a costume contest at the end.

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