We fell in love with porgs when they first made their appearance in the newest Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Since their on-screen debut, the internet hasn't been quiet about their love of the little guys, meaning it's only natural for us to want to wear our love of porgs in any way we can—even rocking some porg-covered sneakers.

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The company responsible for the sneakers, a London-based company called Po-Zu, made headlines earlier last year when they announced their first Star Wars collection. Since then, the company has added a variety of styles for fans to choose from, including today's debut of their porg-themed shoes. 

The all-over porg print shoes are available for pre-order now in both a unisex high-top version for £69 and a low-cut version for £59. The sneakers are made with an organic cotton canvas with a FSC certified Fairtrade rubber sole, so lucky for us, no porgs were harmed in the making of these shoes!

Fair warning: Might want to start familiarizing yourself with EU shoe sizes because once you start shopping for these, you're going to want to buy all of the shoes from the collection. 

Take a look at the shoes here: 



[Photo by: Po-Zu]

The porg sneakers are now available for pre-order via Po-Zu's website, with expected shipping to be at the end of April. What are you waiting for? Go snag a pair of these seriously adorable shoes now!