If you haven't bought State Champs' deluxe release of Around The World And Back yet, their new single in “Hurry Up And Wait” will most likely convince you to pick it up.

Listen to the new song you'll be jamming to all weekend below!

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“Hurry Up And Wait” is the second new song off the deluxe release of their 2015 classic, Around The World And Back. You can listen to “Slow Burn” here!

The deluxe edition of Around The World And Back came out today (5/5) and features two new songs, acoustic tracks, live songs and a full-length DVD.

State Champs took to Twitter after the release to remind everyone that no matter what you think of their new single, they're “still a pop punk band.”

Listen to “Hurry Up And Wait” below!

State Champs are currently on tour with Against The Current, With Confidence, and Don Broco. The band will also be taking the stage for Riot Fest in Chicago Sept. 15-17 at Douglas Park. Check out what other bands will be making an appearance here!

What do you think of the new single? Have you picked up the deluxe reissue yet? Let us know in the comments!

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