It looks like we finally have an excuse to stay in and binge Netflix. A new study shows that staying at home has helped Americans lower their energy consumption, and if watching Netflix means we're also saving the environment, then count us in.

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As Science Magazine explains, Americans are pretty much “homebodies,” and it's actually having a massive shift on energy consumption. As they point out, staying in cut national energy consumption by 1.8 percent—and that's pretty impressive.

Of course, there's a reason why Americans are choosing to stay in more often than before. There's an increase in working from home, streaming movies from home and shopping from home that's now letting people to do the things they love from the comfort of their couch even more than they did before.

Science Magazine explains that energy transportation sucks up lots of energy, too. With these lifestyle changes, there's an annual reduction in energy use of “nearly 2 billion billion joules,” which ends up being enough energy to power almost 50 million homes per year.

Basically, staying in and watching movie (after movie) is a good thing. (You know what we'll be doing this weekend…)