Stephen King - The Talisman

The Stephen King novel The Talisman is getting its own film adaptation. It also looks like it’s getting some help from a very important director.

Collider reports that Mike Baker, who helped bring us Hulu‘s original series The Handmaid’s Tale, has been tapped as director. He’ll be working to bring the novel to life.

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Previously, director Steven Spielberg had been working to bring The Talisman to the screen. Unfortunately, it hadn’t happened for the legendary filmmaker just yet. Now, with Baker taking his place, he can probably go ahead and sit this one out.

Baker will be taking lead on the project, which is using a screenplay penned by Chris Sparling of Ryan Reynolds-starring Buried fame. Given Baker’s prowess in bringing Margaret Atwood’s seminal feminist novel to life, there’s something exciting to look forward to here.

The Talisman is a fantasy novel that King actually penned with Peter Straub that follows a man named Jack Sawyer. As a child, Sawyer tries to save his mother from dying of cancer by finding a crystal called “the Talisman.” On his way to seek out this strange gem, he ends up passing through a parallel universe and other surreal locations.

It’s a trippy read that got a sequel in 2001, which followed an adult Jack, called Black House. While it has less of a fantastical lilt than its predecessor, it’s an intriguing read with many of the same elements from the first book. It’s unclear if any adaptation of The Talisman would include elements of Black House just yet. Still, it’s entirely possible that could be the case with a sequel later down the road.

There aren’t currently any details about when this project will continue to take shape, but it definitely looks like one to watch.

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