[Photo by: Stephen King/Facebook]

Stephen King fans' hearts will hurt after reading this story. A number of King's original typed manuscripts, first editions and limited-edition books have been lost in a flood caused by a broken pipe at a bookstore in Bangor, Maine.

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King told local news source Bangor Daily News that he was “horrified” to learn that tens of thousands of dollars worth of rare books were ruined after a burst pipe flooded the basement of a local bookstore, which specializes in rare and limited-edition copies of King’s books.

“I’m horrified. As a book lover, my heart goes out to him,” King told the news source. “I will eventually reach out and see if I can help in any way.”

Store owner Gerald Winters tells Bangor Daily News that he believes he lost about 2,000 books in total, including as many as seven of King’s original typed manuscripts: Dolan’s Cadillac, Maximum Overdrive, The Eyes of the Dragon and more.

Plus, he believes dozens of first and limited-edition King books, signed copies and prints are among the damaged items.

Winters moved to Bangor to open his book store, Gerald Winters & Son, specifically to be in King’s hometown.