[Photo by: Stephen King/Facebook]

When you're wanting to be scared, all you have to do is pick up a Stephen King novel and it will surely give you a mild heart attack—and that's just his books. Any movie or television show that a King story is featured in garners similiar results, and that's why hearing the news of King's creepy poem getting turned into a televsion show has got us seriously spooked. 

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In an article by Deadline, King's narrative poem, The Bone Church, will be getting picked up and developed as a TV series. Cedar Park Entertainment, the company owned by Bright's David Ayer and Mr. Mercedes' executive producer Chris Long, acquired the poem to be filmed as a television series.

Details regarding the television series is still pretty tight-lipped, but we do have an idea of what the show will be about. Wrote in the 1960s, King's project was first a narrative poem. According to Deadline, he later revised the poem and decided to publish the work as a piece of his anthology, The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams.

King's The Bone Church is told in the perspective of a survivor who recounts a distressing tale to anyone who will buy his drinks. The story that he tells depicts a horrifying jungle expedition where they try to locate the mythic Bone Church. As with any King tale, things don't go as planned, and only three of the 32 travelers escaped to tell the haunting tale. 

While we don't have much to go on in terms of how/when/where The Bone Church will happen on our television screens, we're still pretty excited about it. Not to mention, this is just another project on the long list of King's that fans have to look forward to.

With his Hulu series, Castle Rock, set to be making its appearance later this year, two books and the It sequel—it's safe to say our horror-loving hearts are ready for whatever King has for us.

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