[Photo by: Stephen King/Facebook]

It's a great time to be a Stephen King fan, and it looks like there's even more to celebrate…in the way of over a 1,000 minutes of some of the horror author's movie and television adaptations. 

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While being a fan of King hasn't always been great, as popular stories didn't get the retelling they deserved or got shown as miniseries instead of full-on releases, the past year or so has seen some major improvement for the author's tales. With the theatrical release of 2017's IT and the television adaptation of Mr. Mercedes, it's been a wonderful time to dig our teeth into his truly scary stories. 

With his horrifying tales being brought back to life, that doesn't mean we can't kick back and watch some of the older adapations to hold us over until new flicks come about. So, to keep us busy until the next release, a Stephen King Movie And TV Collection will soon be available for purchase. 

As Bloody Disgusting reports, the collection will feature over 1,000 minutes of some of his movie and miniseries adaptations including: The Stand, The Langoliers, Golden Years, The Dead Zone, Pet Sematary, Silver Bullet and Graveyard Shift

As always, with good news comes the not so good news. Sorry internet fans, this collection won't be available for streaming. It's a DVD set. (Yeah, we didn't know those were still a popular thing, either.) While it's unfortunately on DVD, it's only $20, and it's probably worth it if we can watch seven of King's best. 

So, does anyone have a DVD player we can borrow? 

King's latest home video collection is set to arrive June 12.

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