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Steve Soto, The Adolescents bassist and founding member, dead at 54

June 28, 2018
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Steve Soto, The Adolescents’ bassist and Agent Orange co-founder, has died at 54.

The Adolescents’ shared the news on Twitter, writing, “With heavy heart I share the passing of Steve Soto, my friend and bandmate since 1979.”

Soto was The Adolescents’ bassist and only constant member since the band’s inception in 1980. He also co-founded and played in Agent Orange.

The cause of death is still unknown, however, guitarist Dan Root shared that Soto passed away in his sleep.

“He will be missed,” Root wrote. “We will be posting details on a memorial as soon as plans are finalized.”

Musicians and music industry professionals reacted to the news to Soto’s death:

Billie Joe Armstrong

I have to share the story with this post. Last night around midnight I was fuming over the current political/social climate that’s reeking havoc in America. I wanted to lash out. I wanted to punch something. I wanted to scream fuck you into the ether.. alas I decided to make a playlist instead. punk rock bands that reflect my despair. Something fast loud catchy. I like drugs! I want to give you the creeps! Teenage rebel!! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE! Code blue!! I couldn’t decide which adolescents song to put on.. hmm.. Rip it up? Creatures? Kids of the black hole? The whole album is so great. Finally decided on Amoeba remembering seeing them in Sacramento in a Park in the 80s.. such a great show. Such a great song. This playlist hit the right spot for me when I needed it the most. Twisted, fucked up, brilliant. Music is a powerful tool in times of anger and sadness. Anyway an hour later I looked at Instagram and saw people eulogizing Steve Soto died. Life isn’t fair. Sometimes it just sucks.. But music can help you feel like you’re not alone. Amoeba did that for me last night. RIP Steve Soto

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The Offspring

Barb Wire Dolls

The Vandals

CJ Ramone

Not a whole lot of people I’ve met in my life that I could call up anytime, anywhere, any condition and they would help. My brother Steve Soto was one of the few. I owe most of what I’ve done post Ramones to Steve. He put the band together to record all 3 of my releases and toured with me for 5 years. He called in favors from some big SOCAL players to help me out when I was just coming back into music. He organized the record deal we got with Fat records, and always took time to talk with me when things were tough. I could relax on stage with Steve behind me, his playing was as solid as it gets, and his voice boomed over mine when I was burnt and had no voice left. I did my best to repay him in anyway I could and I hope he knew how much I appreciated, loved, and respected him. I’m going to miss him. Rock on my brother. See you on the other side.

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Kevin Lyman

Laura Jane Grace


Chris #2 (Anti-Flag)

Bad Religion

Marko DeSantis (Sugarcult)


Ryan Seaman (I Don’t Know Hot But They Found Me)

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