After nearly three years without new music, San Jose, CA pop punk act Stickup Kid are back with a new song “Debris”. This single comes as the title track off an upcoming three-song EP, preceding another larger release to follow. You can check out the lyric video for the new song along with an announcement below.

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“It’s been almost three years since Stickup Kid has put out music. We’ve received questions daily regarding where we’ve been, what we’ve been up to, if fans will ever get new music, etc. We never answered those questions for you, but we are here to do so now.

From 2009-2014, our focus was solely developing this band. We were touring, writing, spending countless hours away from our loved ones and from a “normal” life. It was as if one minute we’d be at school, or working, and then we’d just up and leave for a tour, essentially flipping our lives 180 degrees every time we would leave. We spent our late teens and early twenties on the road wearing our emotions on our sleeves every night, playing shows with attendances ranging from one single person to 3,000 and everywhere in between. But after our last full US tour, as a band we were burnt out for the first time since we had begun playing together in '09.

So, in turn, the answer to your questions are quite simple: We’ve been engulfed in our lives, growing as individuals, going to college, falling in and out of the pull of waves that rock our life, going with the ebbs and flows. We’re a band that cherishes both sides of music: the side where we get to play for you, and the side where we get to sit back and live our lives with the music playing in the background.

Here's our latest release, “Debris.” It's a few songs to hold you guys over while we finish something we've been working very hard on. There will be a brand new song up tomorrow. Keep an eye out.”