Stone Sour had a bit of fun at drummer Roy Mayorga's expense last night. You might say Mayorga was so killer on the drums at the show at the Brady Theater in Tulsa, OK that he practically sparkled. 

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By sparkling, we mean that the rest of Stone Sour decided to cover Mayorga's drum set in different types of glitter. Then they filmed it for good measure, because that's exactly what you do when you prank someone this awesomely. 

Mayorga is a team player and bangs on the drums as savagely as he'd normally do, but to hilarious effect, glitter blowing in the wind everywhere. It's the musical effect of a glitterbomb, but does that affect the quality of the show? Of course not. He keeps on truckin' and gets things done like the awesome drummer he is. Only now we have something to look back and laugh on just like the rest of the band. 

Recently, Stone Sour premiered a brand new music video for Hydrograd's “Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)” which also has a pretty chuckle-worthy title. You can check it out below.