[Photo Credit: Travis Shinn]

Stone Sour have leaked a preview of a new song in a cryptic video teaser for their upcoming album Hydrograd. Check out the mysterious clip below.

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Hydrograd, the anticipated sixth studio album from the band, is expected to be released this summer. Earlier this week, Stone Sour rolled out a creatively “hacked” website that mirrors the garbled teaser video.

As covered by WAAF, Stone Sour have also posted what appear to be new song lyrics (in a deliberately obscured font) on their Facebook page. In March, the band surprisingly let one lucky Stone Sour fan hear the entire new album early, before revealing its reported June release date. (via Metal Hammer)

Stone Sour frontman (and Slipknot vocalist) Corey Taylor told Loudwire that the select few who’ve already heard Hydrograd have “just been blown away by it.”

He added, “You put a lot of work into it and you care and this is the first time we’ve really co-produced and it came out really so far beyond our expectations that now we just can’t wait to share it with the world…”

“It is flat out rock ‘n’ roll in its best form.”

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